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Mobile Commons, Migrant Digitalities and the Right to the City pp | Cite as In the current austerity-and-crisis times, migrant mobility plays a major role in.
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Migrant Conditions, Struggles and Experiences

Gregoris Ioannou University of Glasgow Verified email at ucy. Hubert Faustmann University of Nicosia Verified email at unic. Masoud Kamali Professor Verified email at miun. Professor, University of Nicosia.

Digital Mobility, Logistics, and the Politics of Migration

Verified email at unic. Articles Cited by Co-authors. Into the margins: Migration and exclusion in Southern Europe, , Precarious Migrant Labour across Europe. Articles 1—20 Show more. Help Privacy Terms.

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Racism and new migration to Cyprus: the racialisation of migrant workers N Trimikliniotis Into the margins: Migration and exclusion in Southern Europe, , Tsianos, a tactic used during police raids on migrant groups in Nicosia: Mobile commons, migrant digitalities and the right to the city. ISBN first to run, so that they are the ones chased by police, reliev- , Migrant Commons, Migrant Digitalities and the Right to the The digital seems to appear within the book as one means, City, blends fieldwork in Istanbul, Athens, and Nicosia with among others, that knowledge can be shared between theoretical discussion of capitalism, digitalities, and the right migrants.

The authors are clear that they do not see digitality to the city. The book works with what it calls a multiple either as purely revolutionary in its own right, or purely sub- southern perspective, referring to its desire to work with sumed under state projects of surveillance and control. It also points attending to what migrants do, the book understands technol- to the gap which often opens between theory and praxis, and ogy not as deterministic, but as a tool that is put to use. The first chapter sets out a theo- digital means to share knowledge different than sharing retical overview, moving through a range of debates across the knowledge in person?


The proposal made in this chapter is that the the authors saw in different modes of knowledge sharing. The emphasis here, like in specific to their uses? As has actively engage in their lives and environments, as opposed to been pointed out across the broad field of border and migra- the power exerted by states through practices of bordering to tion studies in recent years, engagement with feminist and interrupt these political acts. In and make use of spaces beyond state control.

One example given of tion of this terminological choice to these theories. This mobile commoning within these snapshots is a description of raised questions for me. The commons is a product of this motion, not subalterns. She is quite clear about this: mobility, movement, and the encounters produced. It cannot be static.

Nicos Trimikliniotis - Google Scholar Citations

Commons emerge as spaces and trails generated in Subalternity is the name I borrow for the space out of any serious the context of digital materialities, which are cognitive, touch with the logic of capitalism or socialism. Please do not knowledge-based, communicative action, as much as they are confuse it with unorganized labour, women as such, the practical and live.

We therefore cannot distinguish between proletarian, the colonized, [. Spivak, , p. The very terms used and how they are engaging extensively with theoretical work in the broad field of understood cannot be detached from the way they are derived border and migration studies and engaging in fieldwork in and practiced. Concepts cannot be superimposed from above three distinct cities.

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  • Mobile Commons, Migrant Digitalities and the Right to the City.
  • And this is precisely what this book takes up. In that your approach to migrants and the digital is 2. Yet, it is also a conscious choice of tak- in the production of the mobile commons you describe?

    Thus, they are engaging in the redefinition of the world. However, it was Istanbul. However, it is vital we locate the specific social rela- our study on movements in Athens-Istanbul-Nicosia, a tions which connect them and differentiate them from other boundary-triangle par excellence, which pushed us to theo- types of racialized and gendered relations. As Angela Davis rize matters in this particular way. We can pin the intersections control. Moreover their entry, residing, moving in the arrival on austerity citizenship and the capitalistic forces of gentrifica- cities generates new socialities, solidarities and contestations.

    Modernisation theory had it.

    Young connected migrants

    In our society. As you see we draw on Marxism, the autonomist tradi- own modest way, this is part of what we are trying to say—the tions, postcolonial theory, critical theory and gender and femi- subaltern are speaking in ways never perhaps expected. Finally, I wondered if you could say a bit more about how you understand gender and race, specifically in References their intersection with what you call austerity citizen- Basham, V.

    And what role Relations, 15, — Can the subaltern speak German?